Feathered friends are the subject of Bird, the latest book from Gary Heery. To capture the birds in motion he erected a translucent tent, creating an intimate and contained environment in which the birds could fly. “I treated it, not unlike any other portraiture situation, as a kind of controlled spontaneity,” he says. The end result is a collection of dynamic, yet almost clinically detailed, images, with each bird’s distinct personality captured in all its glory.

 “I treated it, not unlike any other portraiture situation, as a kind of controlled spontaneity”
— From the Guardian - Gary Heery


The Bird Book


Gary Heery: Selected Works 1976 - 2013

Gary Heery: Selected Works 1976 - 2013 is a career retrospective from Australia's premiere portrait photographer. The book features 300 + pages of images from Life, Esquire, Vogue and Rolling Stone, as well as album covers and movie posters of stars such as Madonna, Susan Sarandon, Jodie Foster, Russell Crowe, Cate Blanchett and Andy Warhol, and portraits from his renowned flora and fauna collection.

"...It is that subjective, responsive faculty which has guided Heery to articulate and examine his subjects, to engage with them, sense their distinctive qualities and massage them into compositions that satisfy not only as visual experiences but also as revelations of the soul."
— From the foreword by Edmund Capon


The Gary Heery Book

Featuring some of the world's most famous and infamous characters spanning music, art, film politics and sport:


Andy Warhol
Jodie Foster
Robin Williams
Elvis Costello
Cate Blanchett
Russell Crowe
Susan Sarandon
Brett Whiteley
Rick James
Elle Macpherson
Gough Whitlam
Geoffrey Rush
Joe Cocker
Ellen Barkin
Paul Simon
Cheech & Chong
Kevin Rudd
Malcolm Turnbull
Lou Reed

Kate Capshaw
Julie Andrews
The B52’s
Timothy Leary
K.D. Lang
Cyndi Lauper
Mink DeVille
Marty Feldman
Roy Orbison
Frank Zappa
Gladys Knight
Olivia Newton–John
Ewan McGregor
Leif Garrett
Larry Hagman
Robyn Nevin
Village People
Claudia Karvan
Brendan Cowell
Thelma Houston

Rodney Dangerfield
The Roches
Rod Stewart
Collette Dinnigan
Shelley Winters
Eddie Money
Judy Davis
Jimmy Barnes
Richard Roxburgh 
Meat Loaf
Margaret Whitlam
Herb Elliott 
Dawn Fraser
Andy Gibb
Jack Charles
Gene Simmons
Dame Edna
Grand Funk Railroad
Lucy Lawless

Dolph Lundgren
John Bell
Michelle Jank
Greta Scacchi
Lou Ferrigno
Pat Benatar
Bruce Beresford
Hugo Weaving
Bruno Lawrence
Paul Keating
Sigrid Thornton
Barbi Benton
B.B. King
Jessica Mauboy 
William Hurt
Ernie Dingo
Sam Neill
James Magnussen